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I'll put it this way: brands that don't have a true history, who are not the reference in at least one of the major categories, and who don't have truthful watches, will not be successful in these difficult times. In difficult times, we go back to real values, we go back to friendships, to family, and to the relationships that are the most authentic.

So if you as a watch brand do not have a relationship IWC Replica with the client that is also authentic in this way, you will not only have a difficult time this year, but also in the years ahead. Let me be clear that it is not only big brands that are authentic; there are small ones that have done a great job as well. To me, in our consumption, our shopping, we make a statement on the values that are important to us. What was interesting to see is that if you have this authenticity to the brand, then you can definitely transit this to people digitally, and they will respond and buy your watches.

The watches that feature roger dubuis replica the new caliber 321 occupy a higher price category that the caliber 861 watches. I understand that they even feature a double assembly process. Was it your objective to make the caliber 321 watches iwc Aquatimer replica watches's examples of haute horlogerie?

I'm glad you brought this up. The caliber 321 is something almost mythical for watch collectors, and in particular, for iwc Aquatimer replica watches . It was created by Albert Piguet, who was the technical director of Lemania, which was part of the same company as iwc Aquatimer replica watches in the 1940s.

The movement really enabled us to become the leader in chronographs from the '50s onwards. The movement enabled the Speedmaster to be selected by NASA as the only watch to be officially certified for the Space Program. The caliber 321 was in every watch that went to space, and was the watch worn by the men who walked on the moon for the first time in human history.