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IWC Portofino Replica

With this pandemic we are facing, we understand that the whole world is in this fight together. To highlight that the Earth is a living planet, we decided to connect it to the seconds wheel so that you can see it revolving. Bear in mind IWC Portofino Replica that when you view Earth from anywhere above it in space, such as looking at the North Pole, it appears to be rotating counter-clockwise. Which is what you have on our caseback.

Read more about theSpeedmaster “Silver Snoopy Award” 50th Anniversary, here.

When the chronograph seconds hand is in use, Snoopy takes a trip around the mysterious far side of the moon

OK, I have to ask: why is this not a limited-edition watch?

It's funny. I read on the Omega forums that they were complaining that the watch should be limited, and I was thinking, “Thank you, guys. You were complaining five years ago that we should stop with the limited sinn replica edition, especially because not enough people can get the watches.”

Anyway, I didn't want to create such a watch that we knew people would feel emotionally connected to, and then not make enough so that most people who want one cannot have one. This will, omega de ville replica of course, be a gradual process. Every year we will make the number of watches that we are capable of. I'm sure that there will be a surplus of demand, but we will make more each year, and eventually, the people who dream to own the watch can make this a reality.

I think this is very important, because otherwise,IWC Replica with limited editions, sometimes people get upset because they feel left out. We are Omega, we don't like to exclude people as some others do. We want those who dream about it to be able to get it eventually. This will be a model we will continue to make, but never in huge quantities and without any time limitation. It will be a limited production every year.

We already know it will be a very popular watch, and so, we will make precisely the quantities that we had planned, which will not be a lot. This also allows us to closely monitor the sale of each watch, so that we can do our best to ensure each Snoopy ends up in the hands of a true collector and not a reseller.