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We consider ourselves the guardians of a true treasure. Of course, we want to modernize it and grow the audience, but never at the expense of the core, essential values of the Speedmaster and its incredible legacy, which no other chronograph in history can compete with. It was the watch chosen by NASA, the first watch on iwc replica watches the moon, and the only watch ever officially certified for the Space Program. It was the watch that genuinely helped to save the lives of the astronauts on Apollo 13.

Look, for example, at the incredible rise of the value of vintage Speedmasters in the last decade. These watches went up in price not because of speculation, but because as we and others told the story of how they were connected to the most incredible adventure in human exploration, people understood their significance. People loved this and became super passionate about this. And, I like to say that the reason for the rise in the prices of these vintage watches and expansion of this passion, is that the story of the Speedmaster is a real story rooted in truth — whereas with some other brands, I think the rise in their prices might have more to do speculation than anything else.

I love that the Earth on the watch rotate omega constellation replica once a minute as well. Why did you decide on this?

When we created the background of space for Snoopy to fly across, we immediately thought about depicting Planet Earth. You always hear about astronauts having this almost-religious experience when IWC Replica they see Earth for the first time from space. And it really reminds them that we are all on one planet together. This message couldn't be more important than now.

Are you talking about what the astronauts call the “overview effect” where, from space, national boundaries and conflicts vanish and Earth is seen as a small, fragile ball of life, a “pale blue dot”?

Yes, precisely. We loved this idea of a blue planet where you can see that we are made primarily of water, and that we must all do our part to conserve our resources and protect the future of Earth. This was quite an emotional idea for many of us: the way in which we conceptualized this Earth is as it is seen by astronauts from space. To me, it reminds us of how the whole world is connected, and the human connectivity that binds us all together. We are all on one single planet, and maybe this message is more important this year.