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Replica IWC Portuguese watches

How do you make sure the watches end up on the wrists of real customers and not resellers?

That's one of the biggest issues that I have. OK,Replica IWC Portuguese to begin with, I would say it is important that we create a watch that is the right price. We could have taken advantage of the huge pre-owned market price of the 2015 Silver Snoopy and made a more expensive watch, but that is not the way we do things at Omega.

I can see that some opportunists are already trying to speculate on the 50th-anniversary Silver Snoopy and this is a concern for me. We really want this watch to be on the wrists of the right people. Our biggest asset in accomplishing this, is our network of 160 boutiques in the world where real clients have developed a relationship with the staff there and we know these are genuine people. Some brands don't believe in this direct contact with their clients, but for us, we love this. We love to hear their feedback and get to know them on a personal level.

So I would say that our own network iwc replica is the best tool for “vetting” clients, to ensure they are genuine in their appreciation of the watch. We make a real effort to monitor that these special watches end up on the right wrists. It's funny, I sometimes feel other brands even encourage the speculation on their watches as a sign of their desirability — but that is not the Omega way.

Did you see some clown on a trading forum trying to sell a watch that hasn't been delivered yet, for 38,000 dollars?

I saw that. But this is a gray market dealer or a speculator who's trying to profiteer omega constellation replica on the watch's success. This is, again, one of the reasons why I prefer not to make it a limited edition — so that if you are a genuine collector and have some patience, you will get the watch.